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Advertlets is the brainchild of Josh Lim & Associates; JL&A also developed RedesignMalaysia.com. If you are exposed to the internet long enough and pretty quite pissed with your current broadband connection, you should have heard of Redesign Malaysia . You can read more about Advertlets on their website.

How Advertlets really works?

I noticed a lot of bloggers like to jump the bandwagon and sign up for ad networks before really knowing the model, how ad network pays and also uncertain if bloggers themselves are actually eligible for it. Here’s 2 ways Advertlets will get bloggers some revenue, at least ways I’m currently earning from it.

Sign up an account, put up the codes and Advertlets will start collecting demographics. Ads are impressions-based. That means you are paid on each unique visitor impression. You can get ads as soon as they have an advertiser match for you (if your blog is popular or has something of interest to advertisers currently with them, it is easy). But once 50 demographics submissions are collected, Advertlets will be able to match you with even more advertising opportunities based on your site audience.


Say Advertlets is paying you RM0.01 per impression. Your site has about 3000 Impressions per day, of which 1500 are from local visitors.

1500xRM0.01 = RM15.

You earn RM15/day. Noticed that I’m not using your total impressions, which is 3000, because Advertlets ads are geolocated; in another words targeted by country (eg, Malaysia ).

Advertlets use the term Blogvertorials, it also means sponsored post, paid reviews, etc. From time to time, Advertlets will approach bloggers individually and offers such paid reviews, or they will announce it on the blog. So stay tuned.

Advertlets really pays bloggers?

I will not put a “YES” to this, at least not now, because so far I have not received payments from Advertlets yet. But will I? Certainly think so. Advertlets publishers are eligible to payout once they’ve reach RM100.

Let’s drink the Advertlets

Here’s a little something. I’ll use these cash to open up a bottle, pay some shots or beers or something. The first person that comes up to me or leave a comment in this entry asking for a drink, I’ll pay your bill.


You are too fast, please slow down

Advertlets are running too many promotions, campaigns and announcing quite a few promises for mutual bloggers/Advertlets benefits. What I see, bloggers still have a lot of questions on current Advertlets. Expanding and introducing more stuff will certainly create more blur bloggers.

Benefiting Advertisers more?

Advertlets are benefiting advertisers more? I’m leaving this as a question instead of statement because it’s really depends on individual perspective. Advertlets caters advertisers the ability to on/off their ads on bloggers website in order to make appear on the “best time” advertiser finds.

I understand when advertisers pay for publicity; they want to utilize it the most at the best time. I’ve talked with Josh Lim the founder and they explained it was a feature they are testing at the moment.

If there are no advertisers, there will be no ads for bloggers. Also, without bloggers, who will publish advertiser’s ads? Really, it’s so arguable.

Suggestion: If advertiser choose to “off” their ad, publisher’s side have the option to totally wipe off the Advertlets default banners, showing something alternative of their own choice (like Google AdSense )

More Ads formats

Advertlets publishers are limit down to 1 size, though size-customizable but still it’s better to have mores sizes to have ads blend better into blogs. I noticed Advertlets is currently on testing mode, hope to hear the good news soon. I have also been selected to take part in a beta of a new ad format, and you should see it here soon.

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