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You can find a lot of Christmas ideas on the intenet absolutely FREE! Of course you have to search for them and the quality varies. But I would like to make your search for Creative Christmas Ideas even easier. That's why I have collected the most creative Christmas materials together in a convenient format for you to easily download and print.

* Imagine being able to have the Christmas Ideas in a simplified, easily printable format without needing to search through the website.
* How would you like to be able to access all the ideas through an index where you can just click on the title and go straight to the page you want?
* How would you like to be able to copy and paste an idea into your favorite word processor to create your own customised lesson plan?
* How would you like to have all the ideas now, immediately, before you leave this website?
* Take your ideas with you as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file so that you can access the ideas from anywhere, even if there is no internet connection.

That's what I have carefully prepared for you.


I have been watching the statistics of people accessing the internet and I have noticed that there are a lot of people going through all the Christmas ideas from websites one at a time, looking for that perfect idea that will fit their meeting and situation. There are so many ideas on the internet that for some it takes hours.

I can remember all the times I have spent late nights thoughout my 20 years of youth ministry trying to think of just the right idea for that youth party, for that children's sermon, or to create that special event that will be talked about for weeks!

That's why I have created an ebook in PDF format that includes an index with bookmarks to all the most creative ideas. It couldn't be easier! Now you can spend your time actually planning the event instead of looking for ideas!

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll get in "Creative Youth Ideas: Christmas Collection"

Game Ideas

1. Blind Snowman Game
2. Candy Cane Connection
3. Candy Cane Hockey
4. Candy Cane Horseshoes
5. Candy Cane Pick-Up-Sticks
6. Candy Cane Relay
7. Candy Cane Tug
8. Christmas Alphabet Game
9. Christmas Back to Back
10. Christmas Balloon Bust
11. Christmas Balloon Race
12. Christmas Bingo
13. Christmas Boggle
14. Christmas Candy Relay
15. Christmas Card Puzzle Relay
16. Christmas Card Toss
17. Christmas Carol Pictionary
18. Christmas Charades
19. Christmas Chocolate Bar Scramble
20. Christmas Confusion
21. Christmas Elf
22. Christmas Gift Exchange #1
23. Christmas Gift Exchange #2
24. Christmas Gift Unwrap
25. Christmas Limbo
26. Christmas Meltdown
27. Christmas Pass the Parcel
28. Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt
29. Christmas Questions
30. Christmas Scavenger Hunt
31. Christmas Scents
32. Christmas Snowball Fight
33. Christmas Snowflake Race
34. Christmas Stocking 3-Legged Race
35. Christmas Stocking Scavenger Hunt
36. Christmas Symbol Exchange
37. Christmas Taboo
38. Christmas Tinsel Relay
39. Christmas Tree Ornament Relay
40. Christmas Twenty Questions
41. Christmas Twister
42. Christmas - What Do You Hold?
43. Do-it-Yourself Snow Man
44. Fill the Christmas Stocking
45. Find Jesus
Four Men in a Sleigh
46. Giant Greeting Card
47. Human Christmas Tree
48. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
49. I Went Christmas Shopping
50. Place Jesus in the Manger
51. Place Jesus in the Manger
52. Playing Cards Gift Exchange
53. Reindeer Antlers
54. Santa Beard Relay
55. Santa Dress Up
56. Santa Hat Game
57. Santa Says
58. Scattered Nativity
59. Sniffing for Candy Canes
60. Snowball fight II
61. Tearable Christmas Tree
62. The Box Game
63. Toothless Christmas
64. Top Christmas Artist
65. What’s in the Christmas Stocking?
66. Wiseman Wiseman Wiseman, Jesus
67. Wisemen Followed the Star

Food for Thought

1. Christmas Gifts for Those who Have Everything
2. If Jesus Were Born Today
3. Is He Ever Going to Grow Up?
4. Like a Stable
5. Sesame Street Christmas
6. Top Ten Indications That Christmas May Be A Little Too Commercial

Creative Teaching Ideas

1. Christ Was Born for All People
2. Christmas Bedtime Stories


1. A Great Light
2. A Question Answered
3. Be It unto Me According to Your Word
4. Best Christmas Pageant Ever
5. Christ, Born in Me
6. Christmas Memories
7. Little Town of Bethlehem
8. Make Room For Jesus
9. Mary’s Song
10. Mary’s Song of a World of Changes
11. Mighty God
12. Ordinary
13. The Gift of the Wisemen
14. The Greatest Gift
15. The Nativity
16. The Wisemen Listened
17. They Followed the Star
18. Upside Down Christmas
19. Would You Like to Hold Him?


1. 20 Ways to Confuse Santa Claus
2. A Christmas Story
3. A Final Visit from Saint Nicholas
4. Is There a Santa Claus?
5. Merry Christmas from the Legal Department
6. PC Christmas Wishes
7. Politically Correct Night Before Christmas
8. Star Trek Christmas
9. The Night Before Christmas in Texas
10. Things Not to Say When Hanging the Lights
11. Twas the Month After Christmas
12. Twas the Net before Christmas
13. Twas the Night Before Christmas for Moms
14. Where does Santa get his reindeer?


1. Christmas Card Puzzler
2. Christmas Carol Sing-a-long
3. Christmas Forward and Backward
4. Christmas Hoax
5. Christmas Sign-Up


1. Fractured Christmas Carols
2. Guess the Christmas Tune
3. Name that Christmas Tune
4. PC Christmas Carols
5. Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us
6. The Holly and the Ivy
7. Twelve Days of Christmas
8. The 12 Days of Christmas with a Twist
9. We Are the Reason

Object Lessons

1. Advent Alphabet
2. Legend of the Candy Cane

Teaching Illustrations

1. A Brother like That
2. A Letter from Jesus
3. Christmas Envelope
4. Christmas Invitation
5. Christmas 10 Commandments
6. Christmas Focus
7. Dearest Jesus
8. Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly
9. Gold Slippers
10. Golden Gift
11. His Name at The Top
12. It Cost
13. Mary Had The Little Lamb
14. One Solitary Life
15. Our Greatest Need
16. Please Come In
17. Shepherd’s Night Out
18. Special Christmas Gifts
19. Stable Light
20. The Birthday Boy
21. The Christmas Tree
22. To Become an Ant
23. Two Babes in a Manger
24. Why Evergreen Trees Never Lose their Leaves
25. Why Jesus is Better than Santa Claus


1. Christmas Freeze Frames
2. Unscripted Moments


1. The Stranger

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