Tradepub - free mag subscribe

At tradepub.com users can easily subscribe from the comfort of their house to a vast variety of trade publication for free, avoiding the hassle of traditional subscription. Looking for magazine subscriptions is really easy as users can easily browse through the different categories they’ve been organized into: developments, agriculture, transportation and logistics, and more, or look for publications by their name by using the alphabetical list or simply use the search engine provided. Within each section you’ll be able to browse through the different publications: magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts to find the titles that best match your skills and interests. Once you’ve found a publication of interest all you got to do is complete the application form and submit it (the first issue may take up to 12 weeks to arrive). Though subscriptions are free, acquiring the publications is not and you should probably pay for a low monthly fee for it. Still there are some publications which offer a limited “free trial period”, were users receive the selected publication for free for a certain time, but sooner or later they’ll have to start paying for it.

Vist http://www.tradepub.com/

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