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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBlog Profits Blueprint is a free 55-page e-guide pdf on how to blog for profits. Written by Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s-Journey.com, Blog Profits Blueprint gives step-by-step instructions and invaluable advice for those who are thinking of setting up a blog for profits and also for those, such as myself who already have a blog but are looking for ways to improve earnings.

Some of the core ideas and approaches to blogging for profit teach you how to select a niche for your blog, techniques for writing content and strategies for bringing traffic to your blog. Many who are new to blogging for profits already know the importance of content and regular updating. In fact, you as the blogger can directly control the amount and quality of content that goes into your blog, depending on how hardworking and disciplined you are. However, mere good content is no longer enough. The concept and importance of writing pillar articles makes all the difference in making good content great।

Now the aspect of bringing traffic is one that is not entirely within a blogger’s control. With the vast amount of information - good information - readily available, being able to drive a large amount of traffic consistently to your blog is no longer as easy as before. Readers visit a blog more for a particular post or article and less for the blog as a whole. Blog Profits Blueprint teaches you what you must do to get and increase that consistent amount of traffic.

Different methods of monetizing your blog are also listed and bloggers will have to find the ones that work for them by trial and error. Surprisingly Google AdSense, that all-pervasive monetizing means that bloggers do right after setting up their blog does not work for Entrepreneur’s Journey. However, other ways such as selling affiliates make a rough consistent $5,000 every month for Yaro Starak who has a couple of other blogs.

Another aspect I found particularly useful is the concept of building up avenues of what Yaro Starak rightly calls The Holy Grail of Blog Monetization - recursive earnings - as opposed to what bloggers commonly do - getting paid to blog. This means establishing ways to get paid on a recurring basis, even if you are not doing anything. With paid blogging, you get paid for writing one post and the money stops there. I also have some recursive earnings from microstock photography where the images I create are sold over and over again, bringing in money indefinitely without my further involvment. I agree with Yaro Starak that every blogger should aim for this kind of earning strategy. It is key to making your blog work for you and not the other way around.

This is also the reason why of all online gurus I have come across, I find that I fully subscribe to Yaro Starak’s goal and philosophy of earning a full-time income from part-time blogging.

I found Blog Profits Blueprint to be very easy to read and follow. I wish I had this when I started my blog. If you are thinking of starting a blog to earn profits or just started one, you will find this eguide invaluable because it saves you time by literally giving you a blueprint to follow instead of having to spend hours surfing the net for bits and pieces of information on the various aspects of blogging for profits.

It still contains very useful and relevant information and methods that those who already have blogs can pick up on and expand further। Reading it has certainly given me that much needed motivational push and direction.
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