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DayTipper is a service that allows the global community to submit and share tips, information, advice, and ideas on everything from household to work to computers. Tips that are discovered through trial and error, everyday living and which make life easier, help save money or time. Founded by experienced veterans of the Internet and publishing industries, their mission is two-fold: assemble a popular and useful collection of tips, and allow everyone to contribute.

How It Works
1. Submit a useful tip and select the closest category that it fits into.
2. You will be sent an acknowledgement whether your tips are accepted.
3. You are paid $3 per tip if it is accepted for publication.
4. When the accepted tips will be actually published is not known.

1. Submit tips that are useful, insightful and original.
2. Tips must not be more than 500 characters long.
3. Tips become the intellectual property of DayTipper.

Payment is made by PayPal or cheque only after a tip is published. This can take 4-6 weeks. You can also choose to donate your earnings to charity.

From their homepage, the number of tips submitted stands at 11,835 while accepted tips are 4,709. Published tips are only 816. So it seems there will be a long waiting period to get paid if your tips are published at all.

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