10 get paid to blog sites roundup

One of the main ways for bloggers to make money online is to get paid for blogging. There are many paid blogging or paid review sites for bloggers to make money online, in addition to other ways such as sell images and videos.

1. PayPerPost
Lots of opportunities and if your site has a high PageRank, you could actually make some very nice pocket money completing the maximum limit of 3 posts a day since higher PR blogs have access to high paying offers. Currently the highest paying offer is USD175.00 for a post - but your blog has to have a PR6. However there are quite a lot of USD5.00 - USD10.00 offers for low traffic blogs as well.

PayPerPost also has the most rules and regulations to follow such as your PPP post must be between 2 non-paid posts, and other advertiser requirements such as having the post title in your browser window.

You have to check in frequently if you want to get the high paying posts as these get taken up very fast. After you accept an opportunity, you have 6 hours (subject to change) to post the URL or the opportunity will be released back onto the board.

2. Blogsvertise
Not many offers but if you go for quantity, all those USD5.00 posts do add up. Usually only about 100 words are required but at least 3 anchor links are mandatory for each post. You are emailed the offers from time to time but you can also browse the grab bag for offers which other bloggers have failed to complete or rejected.

The site navigation is a little troublesome as you have to change the category of your blog to check if there are any other offers. It would be more productive if all offers from the grab bag are displayed together on a page instead of having to waste time changing categories.

3. Blogging Ads
Recently revamped, posts here work on a slightly different model in that they are already written. So all you have to do is to copy and paste onto your blog. Each blog is limited to a maximum of 3 posts a month fixed at USD5.00 per post. Your blog must be indexed by Google and more than 3 months old to be considered. Opportunities are few and limited and once you have done the current offers, you have to wait 3 months to take the same offers again, and there may not be new ones available for a couple of months.

4. LinkWorth
They have several monetizing programs such as banners and in-text links in addition to their get paid to blog option. Member bloggers can set their own price tags for a post but must factor in LinkWorth’s share. Standard Partners get 70% of the set price while Preferred Partners get 50%. The difference is that LinkWorth markets the sites of Preferred Partners so they get more exposure and more offers from advertisers.

5. Smorty
A fairly new site, Smorty sets the fee for a blog post according to your blog’s traffic statistics. Lower traffic blogs get a flat USD6.00 fee per post of at least 150 words. Currently quite limited in both the number of offers and type of advertisers, Smorty promises better things to come when it grows its list of advertisers.

6. Sponsored Reviews
Requirements for this site are fairly high although once accepted, you can set your own fees to a limit set by Sponsored Reviews. The opportunities are listed with traffic requirements and price offers and if your blog qualifies, you can send in a bid for the offer. This method of matching advertiser with blogger means that lower traffic blogs will find it hard to get any offers since advertisers tend to pick higher traffic blogs.

7. ReviewMe
Has very high requirements and standards and unless your blog has a substantial PageRank and traffic ranking, you will hardly find any offers as advertisers browse through blogs and pick and choose the ones they want to advertise on. The fee for a blog based not entirely on PageRank, is set by ReviewMe who takes half the amount.

8. LoudLaunch
There are quite a lot of opportunities with the amount to be paid - usually USD5.00 - determined by your blog traffic and ranking. Posts rejected are not told the reason and not given a chance to rectify the problem. A large disclosure widget button has to be placed at the end of each post.

9. Creamaid
One of the lowest paying sites, with fees mostly in the region of USD1.00 - USD2.00 with another dollar or two as referral fee. A large widget which serves as both the disclosure and referral button must be placed at the end of a post. If a blogger takes up the offer from your post, you will earn the referral fee.

10. Bloggerwave
Recently resolved its payment problems with PayPal and back on track with its get paid to blog programme, which the sympathetic have attributed to over-zealous PayPal admins. Many bloggers who had their payment reversed have reported getting paid even though they had already deleted their posts.

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