SurveySavvy Review

Regions Of Participation: International

Minimum Age to Join: Must be at least 14 years old

Rewards: Cash ($2 to $20 per survey)

Registration Links: Join Now - All Countries

SurveySavvy Company Background

SurveySavvy is part of Luth Research, LLC., a market research leader since 1977. Based in San Diego, California, Luth Research, LLC. has conducted countless interviews, focus groups and surveys for their clients. They have over 3 million members across 190 countries earning cash by participating in their online paid surveys.

Program Details and Our Suggestions

Getting Started. Once you sign up to become a member you will be issued a username and password so that you can access their members site. From their you can check your cash balance, get your referral code to refer friends, redeem your earnings, and most importantly access the member portraits (profile enhancers). Be sure to fill out the profiles to increase your chances of receiving paid survey invitations.

What to expect? Based on your user profile, you will occasionally get a screener survey (a short questionnaire to see if you are qualified for a survey)। If you qualify and complete a survey you can expect to receive an average of $2 to $20 per survey. If you attempt do not qualify for the survey you are entered into a monthly sweepstakes drawing for fifty $10 prizes. In addition they have an excellent referral program; its probably the best recurring referral program I have encountered for paid survey panels. Members receive $2.00 every time one of their referrals takes a survey and $1.00 for every survey their referral's referral completes. Best of all SurveySavvy has no minimum threshold required to request payment. Here is check I received for referrals and completing online surveys at Surveysavvy.

Our Advice: Take all of the paid surveys that SurveySavvy sends your way. The payment is top notch, and since they do not send many invitations, you should take advantage of all the invitations they send. Again, be sure to complete the portraits in the member's area, as this will increase the number of survey invitations as well. Also, be sure to take advantage of their referral program if you have friends that may be interested in taking online paid surveys.

The Review

Scale: 1 = Lowest, 10 = Highest

Quality of Surveys (9)

  • Surveys are easy to understand
  • Surveys are fairly interesting, and not too long

Compensation for Surveys (10)

  • SurveySavvy pays well for completed surveys.
  • They also have an excellent referral program.

Frequency of Surveys (4)

  • This depends on your demographics, but most people only report getting a few screeners per month.

Timely Payment / Payment Options (8)

  • There is no minimum required to request payment
  • Payment delivered via mail, and usually arrives within 2 to 4 weeks.

Survey Panel Member's Area Site (7)

  • Links to redeem your earnings and update your member information.
  • Access to referral code to recieve extra cash for referring your friends.

Overall Panel Ranking (7.6)

The Bottom Line

SurveySavvy offers excellent compensation per survey, and the quality of their surveys is good. The only drawback is they do not offer many surveys. You can expect about one to two screeners per month, but don't be surprised if several months go by without receiving any invitations. The pay per survey is excellent though, and their referral program is an added bonus. Definitely Recommend!

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