The Scoop: A very flexible pop/banner serving solution that pays for RAW impressions

The Good: Pays for raw impressions, not uniques. Pick how and when the popups get shown. Get paid for global traffic.

The Bad: The payout rate is generally lower than competition, if you limit it to one popup/visitor.

The Review:

PayPopUp is a pretty easy program to get into. Once you do, you will notice that their popup code generator stands apart from most of the competition. Where others serve an ad on every pageview while only paying once per visitor in a 24 hour period, this program lets you pick exactly how, when and how often your visitors will see their ads.

Pick to have a popunders on page load or page exit. Set the time delay in seconds. Decide how many times a user will see an ad (options range from once a session to once a month!)

What sets this PayPopUp apart from most other networks, is that they pay for raw impressions, not unique visitors. This can make a huge difference if you are willing to show each visitor multiple popups. While their rate is lower than most competitors, the earning potential is much greater. (Remember - programs like PopUpTraffic will by default show an ad to your visitor on every pageview, but only pay ONCE a day per visitor!)

Another nice feature of this program is that it pays for international traffic, not just US based one and many others do. However, their prices for non-US traffic are signifficantly lower. You get $1.68 CPM for US visitors, $1.80 for the UK, $1.30 for Canada, and 35c for countries like Brazil, Japan and Germany. China it seems is the lowest valued of all with a scant 25 cents for 1000 pop-unders. On flooble.com, which gets about 85% of its traffic from the US, the program generates about $1.60 CPM.

PayPopUp has also forayed into other formats in 2004: they now offer interstitial, in-page (DIV layer) ads similar to FastClick's InVues but larger, and finally banners. The advertised rates for in-page ads, which they call "PopIns", is $1.00 for US traffic, and less for other countries. The banners are available in regular and leaderboard sizes, paying out 20 and 28 cents respectively for US-based impressions. There doesn't seem to be any default mechanism, so one can only assume that the network fills all your inventory.

The statistics are very well done. You can see your traffic and earnings in real time, broken down either by days or geographical regions.

Also worthy of mention is that they have a five-level deep referal structure, which is rare in this business. First level referers get 10% of the affliates they bring in, with levels 2 through 5 paying 5%, 2%, 2% and 1%.

The minimum payout is $50, and the payments are sent twice a month - just like paychecks, on the 15th and 30th - as long as your balance for the previous period is sufficient. Note that this publisher is located in Canada, and even though you can elect to get paid in US dollars, your bank may still charge you money for processing each check (something to do with a different routing system). If that is the case you may want to increase the minimum payout to minimize the cost incurred.

Overall it's a great program that will mostly benefit webmasters who serve multiple popup ads. If you limit your popups to one per session, you will do better with programs like PopUp Sponsor or PopUpTraffic, which pay you a higher CPM rate, but only count unique visitors.

Level of Intimacy: Used this program for years and got paid consistently

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How to Sign-up: www.paypoppup.com

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